Daddy’s Home Movie Review

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Daddy's Home Movie Review poster and information

  • IMDB: 6.2
  • Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Linda Cardellini
  • Rated: PG-13 (TE, SC, L)
  • Genre:  Comedy
  • Running Time: 1hr 36min

Daddy’s Home Movie Review (Released 2015)

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg team up together in chalk and cheese roles in Daddy’s Home directed by Sean Anders and co-executive produced by Adam McKay. The McKay-Ferrell combination has done wonders on-screen before and a movie like Anchorman is a delightful example of that. The difference here is McKay did not direct this feature and that seems to have made a lot of difference. Daddy’s Home is a raunchy comic movie in similar tones as of other Will Ferrell movies. It is scripted around two main characters who are the biological and step father of two adorable kids locked by the horns in a war to institute a parental supremacy. Will Ferrell plays the docile, nerdy, kind-hearted stepfather Brad, who is trying hard to gain the love and attention of the kids while they are obstructing his ventures. This gets complicated and way more difficult as the biological father Dusty, played by Mark Wahlberg enters the plot. Dusty is a complete contrast to the submissive nature of Brad and has a macho personality and a rough adventurous charisma about him, but evidently lacks fatherhood skills.

Linda Cardellini who plays Sarah, the mother of two gets completely side-lined by the two male characters trying to assert their macho credentials. She does not have much to do in the movie other than to be concerned about the continuous failures of her husband to establish a parental supremacy. The movie starts off to a very predictable plot and sports occasional crass gags to try to establish the comic reliefs. A dreaded formula which has been time and again portrayed is the basic storyline of the movie and is more or less an extensive sketch of a single idea which makes it dreary in parts.

Having said that, both Ferrell and Wahlberg are amazing in the movie and their comic timing is impeccable. The pair has previously teamed up in a similar movie by McKay called “The Other Guys” where they played similar roles of two cops who are poles apart by personality. Needless to say the odd mismatch of the pair adds to the great comedy.

Pros & Cons

The movie has a fair share of crass content and is mostly raunchy comedy with cynical gags and unprecedented chortles. But it shares a number of positive messages too. Sarah, the mother of two leaves her ex-husband Dusty owing to his lack of parenting skills and minimal devotion to his children’s needs. For marriage she chooses Brad who is a contrast in that spectrum and is well settled, kind and takes special efforts to involve himself in any and every way possible in the children’s lives. Towards the climax, Dusty seemingly gives in and understands how important gentleness and continuous patience and attention to detail are in raising up kids. He gets how Brad fits the description of a perfect father. On the hindsight, viewers need to sit through a whole deal of forced crass gags and implied crudity for an occasional glimpse of an earnest portrayal of what being a father is all about.

Not the most original movie, but Daddy’s Home is a fun watch and has great comic moments and subtle feel good factors. Despite failing to maintain the bar as compared to other movies of its league, Daddy’s Home movie review is incomplete without acknowledging the honest efforts of the whole team involved.

Daddy’s Home Movie Trailer:

Movie Review – Black Mass 2015

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Black Mass movies review and DVD cover image.

  • IMDB: 7.0
  • Starring: Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson
  • Rated: R (V, L, DU)
  • Genre:  Biography / Crime / Drama
  • Running Time: 2hr 3min

Black Mass Movie Review (Released 2015)

A well-chosen name can tell a lot about a film, think about- “The Godfather” and “Goodfellas”. It is through this duality that the narrative permeates through and tangles the viewers into a complex web. Black Mass, on the contrary, in its title draws a parallel between the conspiracy of the Mafia, the FBI and  serving the devil. Thoughtful audiences immediately could understand what’s coming next.

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There are no limits when it comes to films like Black Mass. Although the narrative is based on a true story, it evokes the crimes committed by one of the leaders of the Irish mafia, and while it probably will fascinate lovers of court cases, the danger of the ‘saturation effect’ is pretty real.

The vision of Scott Cooper is pretty interesting. Black Mass is indeed devoid of the glamor effect. Without using such a raw and stripped approach that Matteo Garrone chose for Gomorrah, director of Crazy Heart chose to film this rather dry. Punctuated by extremely violent episodes, this drama camped in the criminal world does become more realistic. The filmmaker also relies heavily on the complexity of a story whose protagonists have always been known, even if they are not all passed on the same side of the law.

When the story begins in 1975, James J. “Whitey” Bulger (Johnny Depp) is already a notorious criminal. John Connolly (Joel Edgerton), FBI agent manages to convince his childhood friend to work with the agency to eliminate their common enemy: the Italian Mafia. In exchange, the agency condones illegal activities of Whitey Bulger, including his involvement in drug trafficking. This strange alliance soon causes conflicts.

In addition, Billy Bulger (Benedict Cumberbatch), the younger brother of the criminal, makes a political career and wins the chairmanship of the Senate of the State of Massachusetts. The scenario is described skillfully and all the links that are generated by such dangerous situations are well portrayed.

The effectiveness of the film rests largely on the reliable shoulders of Johnny Depp. The actor finally provides a performance that is an accurate measure of his talent, in a role that is sure to freeze your blood. All fans would surely enjoy a particular scene in the movie, which we think is worthy of an inclusion in an anthology – he gets into a room at a dinner, just to intimidate the wife of one of his allies, while investigating his doubts of allegiance.

Unfortunately, the film is not of this caliber from end to end.

Black Mass might probably interest fans of gangster movies, but there is nothing distinctive enough to attract those who are less fond of this genre. While Depp is certainly great here, the villain of “Black Masses” would be a better fit in a bleak Komiksy film rather than in a realistic crime flick. This, however, does not contradict the main task of the movie, as it manages to portray Bulger in a scary manner, so much so that he winds up being down right ridiculous and a misfit.

Black Mass Trailer:

Phish – American Rock & Roll Band

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Phish White Tape Album Cover

Phish – American Rock & Roll Band

Phish is a rock and roll band from the United States that has been around for more than thirty years. The band is known for the great variety of music genres, awesome improvisation techniques and a huge base of fans that consider their passion for Phish a way of life. There was a pause in the activity of the 4 members in 2004, but they reunited later for more concerts.

Band Members

While the band concept was born in 1983, the band exists in its current format since 1985. These are the four members: Mike Gordons – vocals and bass, Trey Anastasio – lead vocals and guitars, Page McConnel – vocals and keyboards and John Fishman – vocals, vacuum, percussion and drums. In the 1983 formula, Jeff Holdsworth was a guitarist, but he was later replaced by Page McConnel.

Musical Style

Music genres like rock (mainly progressive and psychedelic), country, jazz, folk, pop, blues, bluegrass and funk were adopted by the band. However, instead of focusing more on traditional folk like other groups, Phish is more focused on improvising using jazz as a starting point. While there were many albums released by the band, its huge popularity was mostly given by its live performances. The music is very complex and varied, with a lot of improvisation that can be clearly noticed by listeners.

Phish Albums

The first album was recorded in 1988. Its name was “Junta” and was sold in the form of audio cassettes. The band released its second album in 1990, called “Lawn Boy”. At this time, the fan base was already large and the band was popular on the Internet as well. But, before these two albums were released, there were other experimental cassettes distributed under names like “The White Tape” (1983-1986) and “The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday” (1987-1989). In 1992, the third official album came out, called “A Picture of Nectar”. In the meantime, the first two albums were reissued.

The popularity of the band continues to grow and its songs start to be popular in charts as well. “Rift” is the fourth album, released in 1993 and then “Hoist” was the fifth, in 1994. In ’95, Phish made a double disk called “A Live One” and in ’96, the seventh album called “Billy Breathes” came out. The following albums came out like this: “Slip, Stitch & Pass” in ’97, “The Story Of The Ghost” in ’98, “Hampton Comes Alive” in 1999 and “Farmhouse” in 2000. After this last album, the members of the band decided that they need to take a break.

After the break, they released “Under Room” in 2002 and the thirteenth album called “Undermind” (2004), but the band broke up soon. In 2009, the members reunited for a fourteenth album called “Joy”. The newest album was released in 2014 and is called “Fuego”. Besides the albums, there were many other releases in the form of live representations, sets, documentaries and experimental films.

Most Popular Phish Songs

There were hundreds of good songs from this band over time and the list would be too long to write. These are the most important: “Stash”, “Ghost”, “Brian and Robert”, “Run Like An Antelope”, “The Lizards”, “Sample In A Jar”, “Time Turns Elastic”, “Reba”, “Maze”, ” Slave To The Traffic Light”, “You Enjoy Myself”, “Bathtub Gin”, “Rift”, “Fluffhead”. “Chalk Dust Torture”, “Julius”, “Farmhouse”, “First Tube” and many others. For example, “Time Turns Elastic” exists on the album “Joy” and was meant to be an orchestral piece originally. “Fluffhead” was made for the first album, “Junta” and is one of the favorite of most fans. “First Tube” is a trippy instrumental song.

Phish Live – “Tweezer” on 08/2/2015

Nirvana – History, Albums and Top Hits

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Nirvana Nevermind album cover

Nirvana – History, Albums and Top Hits

In my opinion one of the greatest bands of all time!


  • Bleach
  • NeverMind
  • In Utero

Major Band Members:

  • Kurt Cobain – Lead Vocals, Guitar (1987-1994)
  • Krist Novoselic – Bassist, Accordion (1987-1994)
  • Dave Grohl – Drums, Backing Vocals (1990-1994)

Brief History:

Nirvana was a popular rock music band that was formed by two Americans, Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic in the year 1987. Kurt Cobain was the genius guitarist while Krist was the bassist partner. The duo grew up in Aberdeen, Washington and met through a friend while at high school. Before settling for the name Nirvana, they had tried some other names like Skid Row, Pen Cap Chew, Bliss, Ted Ed Fred but eventually Cobain managed to convince his partner to have a simple and beautiful name, Nirvana. In the year 1990, a third member of the group Dave Grohl joined them to serve as a drummer. He was one of the longest serving drummers of the band. In the previous year, 1989, they had already recorded their first album called “Bleach” that was produced by Independent Record label Sub Pop. This album managed to sell 35,000 copies. During the making of this album, the duo incorporated Jason Everman who acted as the second guitarist and was actually the sponsor of the album. They developed a sound that was based on dynamic contrast, featuring quiet and loud choruses. In the year 1991, the band signed with a major label called DGC records where it produced its second album “NeverMind” which included the song Smells Like Teen Spirit. The “NeverMind” album sold a whooping 10 million copies in the USA alone.

This band managed to popularize Alternative Rock among its fans especially with the song Smells like Teen Spirit which was referred to as the anthem of Generation X. This song hit the number one spot on the Billboard 200 Album Charts. It was during this time period that Nirvana came to referred to as the ‘flagship band’ of Generation X as well. The group’s spokesman Cobain later fell in love with Courtney Love, who was a singer in another band called Hole. The two later married in 24th February the same year.

A local producer worked on the first album, Bleach, by the name Jack Endino. This album was characterised by heavy dirge- rock of the Melvins and Mudhoney, 1970s heavy metal of Black Sabbath and 1980s punk rock. On 21st September 1993, Nirvana released its third album called In Utero which became number one on its debut and contained the Modern Rock radio hits like Heart Shaped Box and All Apologies. This album did not have as many hits compared to the second album. Their last American Concert was held in Seattle Center Arena on January 7th 1994. This tour had started in October 18th of 1993. On 6th February 1994, Nirvana toured Europe.

Cobain, who was the most outspoken of the trio, started abusing drugs. He became so addicted to contraband goods that at one point he was found collapsed in a hotel room while on tour in Europe. This band later disbanded after Cobain was found dead. The other members were so devastated that they decided to split up, bringing an end to an American Alternative rock band whose style of rock was Grunge that had enjoyed a lot of success in their years of prominence.

Top 10 Nirvana Songs:

  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. In Bloom
  3. Sliver
  4. Breed
  5. Something In The Way
  6. Dive
  7. Lithium
  8. About a Girl
  9. Drain You
  10. Where Did You Sleep Last Night

Smells Like Teen Spirit Video:

Movie Review – Deadpool 2016

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Deadpool movie review and blu-ray cover

  • IMDB: 8.4
  • Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller
  • Rated: R (V, L, SC, N)
  • Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy
  • Running Time: 1hr 48min

Deadpool Movie Review (2016)

Certain movies will take you to a whole new world of entertainment and they will glue audiences to their seats for the entire length of the movie. ‘Deadpool’ directed by Tim Miller falls in that category, and the quality of this flick has now started reflecting in the International Box Office. The film which stars Ryan Reynolds in the lead role has succeeded in impressing all kinds of audiences; thanks to that extra ordinary film making language and uncompromising style of story telling. Read down to know about the most unbiased review about ‘Deadpool’.

An engaging story line: As we all know, Deadpool is based on Marvel Comic’s character of the same name. The film which is touted to be the eighth installment in the X Men Series, showcases the life of Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces operative. He is now working as a mercenary. The life of Wade takes a new turn when the evil Ajax transforms him into ‘Deadpool’. The experiment conducted on Wade gives him accelerated healing power and an extra sense of humor. Now, with the help of his allies, Deadpool starts the battle against the evil powers who spoiled his life.

Impeccable narration: The main highlight of this movie is its extra ordinary narration. Director Tim Miller has paced the movie well, and there is not even a second of boredom in the whole flick. The lead hero is on a mission, and he has that extra ordinary sense of humor which will make the audiences love him. All the action is pretty fast in this movie, and as we all know, Deadpool is a little freak, and he will strike and tickle your spine on many occasions.

It should be noted that Deadpool is a little unconventional, and writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have narrated things by making him a real Superhero.

High voltage performance from lead actors: Deadpool is a movie which solely belongs to Ryan Reynolds. He has carried the role with perfection, and he deserves a special round of applause for his effort. The nuances of deadpool will make you fall in a state of laughter, and he is capable to make you smile as well. The other co stars, Morena Baccarin, T J Miller, Ed Skrein and Gina Carano have all delivered impeccable performances in the flick. Special effects are also top notch in this movie. Editing from Julian Clarke is slick to the core, and the background score is engaging.

The final call: Deadpool is a must watch movie. I do caution you in taking young children. Even though based off a comic it is very graphic and has some sexual scenes. If you are a Superhero action movie lover, then this is something you should not miss. It will make you thrilled and chilled, and you will enjoy each and every moment inside the movie theater. Many people are watching it more than two times, and this clearly indicates the quality of the movie. This crack Superhero has emerged successfully, and he will capture your hearts without any doubts. “Watch it and Enjoy the Heat”.

Deadpool Trailer