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5 New and Fun Ways to Enjoy Karaoke Music with Friends

Going on a karaoke night is one of the most adventurous and fun experiences that you can have at an affordable price. Choose the nearest karaoke bar or buy a cheap karaoke machine to add a new flavor to the party. Singing to karaoke music is just one of the many ways you can have… Read More »

Phish – American Rock & Roll Band

Phish – American Rock & Roll Band Phish is a rock and roll band from the United States that has been around for more than thirty years. The band is known for the great variety of music genres, awesome improvisation techniques and a huge base of fans that consider their passion for Phish a way… Read More »

Nirvana – History, Albums and Top Hits

Nirvana – History, Albums and Top Hits In my opinion one of the greatest bands of all time! Albums: Bleach NeverMind In Utero Major Band Members: Kurt Cobain – Lead Vocals, Guitar (1987-1994) Krist Novoselic – Bassist, Accordion (1987-1994) Dave Grohl – Drums, Backing Vocals (1990-1994) Brief History: Nirvana was a popular rock music band… Read More »