5 New and Fun Ways to Enjoy Karaoke Music with Friends

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Going on a karaoke night is one of the most adventurous and fun experiences that you can have at an affordable price. Choose the nearest karaoke bar or buy a cheap karaoke machine to add a new flavor to the party. Singing to karaoke music is just one of the many ways you can have fun.

Here are 5 new ways in which you can enjoy karaoke music with your friends this weekend.

1. Set Up a Competition

Let the competitive spirit kick in for a while. Several bars host mini competitions for their audience to help them truly enjoy the atmosp

here. You can enroll yourself into one such competition and participate to be the best singer of the night. A few bars also put up your photo on their walls if you win the competition, while a few others have cash prizes for the winners.You can also set up a competitive environment amongst friends if you are out at a bar with a large group of people. This environment will really spice up the overall fun for everyone at the party.

2. Let Your Kids Judge the Performances

If you are hosting a family function, it is a good idea to let the kids be the judges of the karaoke competition. You can expect them to be a little bias towards their parents or their favorite uncles/aunts, but seeing the smiles on their faces is all the prize that you will need. In addition to being judges, you can also ask them to host the entire performance to add a new flair to the family gathering.

3. Sing Duets or Chorus Songs

Singing solo is an art that requires a lot of confidence. You will always have a few friends or family members in your group who are not entirely comfortable getting up on the stage to sing. You can invite them along to sing a duet or a chorus. This way, they can enjoy the party to the fullest without being too conscious of the environment around them.

4. Record Your Entire Singing Experience

Modern-day karaoke machines come with a video camera that can record the singer on the stage. These awesome karaoke machines can help you create and cherish memories for years to come. If your karaoke machine does not have a camera, you can always record the experience on your phone and watch it later with friends to reminisce the good times.

5. Stream the Fun Live Over Facebook or IGTV

Today, with Facebook and Instagram, you can share your fun with the entire world. Instead of recording and uploading the karaoke music experience, you can share it with the world live! Invite all your Facebook friends and Instagram followers to see how you are having great fun with the karaoke music.

When you are going to a party/event with karaoke, sing your heart out and enjoy. You don’t need to impress anyone there. Instead of being too self-aware, have fun and let yourself loose for a while.