Movie Review – Black Mass 2015

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Black Mass movies review and DVD cover image.

  • IMDB: 7.0
  • Starring: Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson
  • Rated: R (V, L, DU)
  • Genre:  Biography / Crime / Drama
  • Running Time: 2hr 3min

Black Mass Movie Review (Released 2015)

A well-chosen name can tell a lot about a film, think about- “The Godfather” and “Goodfellas”. It is through this duality that the narrative permeates through and tangles the viewers into a complex web. Black Mass, on the contrary, in its title draws a parallel between the conspiracy of the Mafia, the FBI and  serving the devil. Thoughtful audiences immediately could understand what’s coming next.

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There are no limits when it comes to films like Black Mass. Although the narrative is based on a true story, it evokes the crimes committed by one of the leaders of the Irish mafia, and while it probably will fascinate lovers of court cases, the danger of the ‘saturation effect’ is pretty real.

The vision of Scott Cooper is pretty interesting. Black Mass is indeed devoid of the glamor effect. Without using such a raw and stripped approach that Matteo Garrone chose for Gomorrah, director of Crazy Heart chose to film this rather dry. Punctuated by extremely violent episodes, this drama camped in the criminal world does become more realistic. The filmmaker also relies heavily on the complexity of a story whose protagonists have always been known, even if they are not all passed on the same side of the law.

When the story begins in 1975, James J. “Whitey” Bulger (Johnny Depp) is already a notorious criminal. John Connolly (Joel Edgerton), FBI agent manages to convince his childhood friend to work with the agency to eliminate their common enemy: the Italian Mafia. In exchange, the agency condones illegal activities of Whitey Bulger, including his involvement in drug trafficking. This strange alliance soon causes conflicts.

In addition, Billy Bulger (Benedict Cumberbatch), the younger brother of the criminal, makes a political career and wins the chairmanship of the Senate of the State of Massachusetts. The scenario is described skillfully and all the links that are generated by such dangerous situations are well portrayed.

The effectiveness of the film rests largely on the reliable shoulders of Johnny Depp. The actor finally provides a performance that is an accurate measure of his talent, in a role that is sure to freeze your blood. All fans would surely enjoy a particular scene in the movie, which we think is worthy of an inclusion in an anthology – he gets into a room at a dinner, just to intimidate the wife of one of his allies, while investigating his doubts of allegiance.

Unfortunately, the film is not of this caliber from end to end.

Black Mass might probably interest fans of gangster movies, but there is nothing distinctive enough to attract those who are less fond of this genre. While Depp is certainly great here, the villain of “Black Masses” would be a better fit in a bleak Komiksy film rather than in a realistic crime flick. This, however, does not contradict the main task of the movie, as it manages to portray Bulger in a scary manner, so much so that he winds up being down right ridiculous and a misfit.

Black Mass Trailer:


5 New and Fun Ways to Enjoy Karaoke Music with Friends

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Going on a karaoke night is one of the most adventurous and fun experiences that you can have at an affordable price. Choose the nearest karaoke bar or buy a cheap karaoke machine to add a new flavor to the party. Singing to karaoke music is just one of the many ways you can have fun.

Here are 5 new ways in which you can enjoy karaoke music with your friends this weekend.

1. Set Up a Competition

Let the competitive spirit kick in for a while. Several bars host mini competitions for their audience to help them truly enjoy the atmosp

here. You can enroll yourself into one such competition and participate to be the best singer of the night. A few bars also put up your photo on their walls if you win the competition, while a few others have cash prizes for the winners.You can also set up a competitive environment amongst friends if you are out at a bar with a large group of people. This environment will really spice up the overall fun for everyone at the party.

2. Let Your Kids Judge the Performances

If you are hosting a family function, it is a good idea to let the kids be the judges of the karaoke competition. You can expect them to be a little bias towards their parents or their favorite uncles/aunts, but seeing the smiles on their faces is all the prize that you will need. In addition to being judges, you can also ask them to host the entire performance to add a new flair to the family gathering.

3. Sing Duets or Chorus Songs

Singing solo is an art that requires a lot of confidence. You will always have a few friends or family members in your group who are not entirely comfortable getting up on the stage to sing. You can invite them along to sing a duet or a chorus. This way, they can enjoy the party to the fullest without being too conscious of the environment around them.

4. Record Your Entire Singing Experience

Modern-day karaoke machines come with a video camera that can record the singer on the stage. These awesome karaoke machines can help you create and cherish memories for years to come. If your karaoke machine does not have a camera, you can always record the experience on your phone and watch it later with friends to reminisce the good times.

5. Stream the Fun Live Over Facebook or IGTV

Today, with Facebook and Instagram, you can share your fun with the entire world. Instead of recording and uploading the karaoke music experience, you can share it with the world live! Invite all your Facebook friends and Instagram followers to see how you are having great fun with the karaoke music.

When you are going to a party/event with karaoke, sing your heart out and enjoy. You don’t need to impress anyone there. Instead of being too self-aware, have fun and let yourself loose for a while.

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Top 5 Local Bands in Cleveland OH

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Life has become very stressful for most of you. There are several days when you have to spend hours at work without even getting a few minutes to relax and rejuvenate your mind. Those of you, who have to work under stressful conditions, probably do several things to de-stress. You probably listen to music when you get back home or watch television or workout for some time at the gym or even chat with your friends over the phone. If you do not do either of these to de-stress, then it is time that you did. Once you de-stress, you will feel relaxed and ready to face another day at work.

Top 5 Local Bands in Cleveland OH

When it comes to Cleveland Live Music, you will find several local bands popping up almost every day. Although all of them are in the same field, the quality of music made by all may not be the same. This is why the names of the top 5 local bands in Cleveland OH has been listed below for your knowledge.

  1. Cleveland’s Breakfast Club: This local music band in Cleveland OH was formed in the year 2000 in the city of Cleveland, OH. The primary focus of the band was to bring back to life all the popular hits of the 80’s. This 4 piece band is not just limited to the music of the 80’s. They can easily come up with a song list as per the preference of your clients.
  2. Abbey Rodeo: This is a 6 piece band and promises something new in every show they have. If you have been to one of their shows, then you will find something different in another of their shows. The events which include this band have always witnessed full crowds.
  3. The Agenda: This is a cover band from Northeast Ohio and always works their hard to put up an energized show for the crowd. Their songs include modern hit rock, along with classic hits and country songs. The band is dedicated to having fun and coming up with the best music for its crowds in every event.
  4. Renegade Gentlemen Band: This band is dedicated towards the rock hits from the 70’s and the 80’s. This band is available for musical events in weddings, special celebrations, private functions, and business events.
  5. Old Skool Cleveland: This 5th local music band in Cleveland OH is popular for playing the classic hip hops from the 80’s and the 90’s era. They play the popular number from Snoop, Run DMC, Tone Loc, Coolio, and Vanilla Ice, to name a few.

It feels great when you get to hear the good old popular numbers from the 70’s and the 80’s at a live event by a new music band. It not just makes you happy, it also relaxes your mind to a great extent. When it comes to helping you de-stress and relax, music is one of the best healers according to several experts in this field.

Why Do TV and Movie Fans Still Subscribe To TV Guide Magazine?

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TV Guide Cover 2016Does anybody still subscribe to the TV Guide Magazine these days? The most accurate answer to this question is a straight and doubly emphatic YES! There are a few really striking benefits enjoyed by the undiminished millions of Americans who continually subscribe to this decades-old magazine. As such, highlighted below are some convincing explanations for this enduring bulletin’s undying popularity across the country. Continue reading to discover the top 5 compelling reasons for the TV Guide Magazine’s lasting reader appeal.

1. Wholly Inclusive Watching Guide
With so many television channels and programs coming up every other day, it’s extremely tricky for the average individual to keep up with the fast-evolving developments in the media world. While you may understandably concentrate on a given station so as to consistently savor specifically intriguing content, this makes it very easy to miss on many new programs on other channels.

Therefore, several millions choose to steadily subscribe to the TV Guide magazine as a quick and effective way of easily keeping in touch with the whole television world all through.

2. Useful Tips and In-Depth Analysis
Given the fact that no one has enough time to view all the thrilling on-screen items making rounds on different channels out there, many Americans have to depend on an expert opinion/analyses about the most thrilling shows and educational programs available.

Consequently, a large number of committed subscribers normally pay advance contributions so as to get an insightful glimpse into the best telly channels and programs to watch. By the same token, it’s easy for on-and-off type who don’t have adequate watching time to make up for any major plot gaps caused by their previous inability to view certain items.

3. Entertainment News/Topics
It’s beyond any debate that all humans have an insatiably unquenchable appetite for the bizarre or anything even slightly humorous. Because the TV Guide usually includes many piquant news and exciting news stories, steady millions of loyal readers find the routine issue an exceedingly un-put-downable read.

According to some reader reviews both online and offline platforms, many individuals indeed confess that they like the publication simply because of it’s singularly juicy entertainment gossip.

4. Discounted Subscription Packages
With the TV Guide magazine’s regular subscription packages getting increasingly affordable as a result of the publisher’s highly discounted packages, many readers often find the publication’s advance monetary pledge costs quite small set against the immense usefulness of it’s eye-peeling content.

For instance, the official site encourages willing subscribers to select the full year TV guide and thus save up to 86% of the yearly cover prices. Additionally, individuals paying via credit cards are promised a total of 8 free issues of this incomparably helpful publication. If you’re looking for more options we suggest you check out MagazineKid.com, they compare prices with promo codes to find a TV Guide subscription at the best price.

5. Convenient Subscription and Instant Access
Since the widely read bulletin has made it possible for interested contributors to make advance readership payments online, most Americans find it exclusively convenient to carry out the entire subscription process over the web. In fact, this precisely explains why a whopping 13 millions of faithful readers still faithfully remit prior amounts in order to gain instant and unlimited access to the indispensably informative magazine.

As such, the TV Guide has successfully overcome a slew of fast-changing reader patterns( such as the quickly growing habit of people using the internet for news) and thus effectively surmounted key consumer-taste shifts to retain both content relevance and audience preferences for an incredibly long period of time.

Bronson Movie Review

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Bronson Movie starring Tom Hardy Review

Bronson Movie Review (Released 2008)

  • IMDB: 7.1
  • Starring: Tom Hardy, Kelly Adams
  • Rated: R (V, L, GN, S)
  • Genre:  Action / Biography / Crime
  • Running Time: 1hr 32min

What is now considered this generations Clockwork Orange? What movie that I know positive is to be Tom Hardy’s biggest and greatest role? When you hear Tom Hardy, you think Bane from the Dark Knight Raises. Bane can read and weep because its Tom’s Hardy’s role as Charles Bronson in the movie Bronson. Its not just Tom Hardy’s stellar acting, he may as well have become Charles Bronson himself,  that makes this movie one to remember. The infamous director Nicolas Winding Refn gives this movie its own character. People say that Bronson is the movie that helped inspire his most famous film Drive.

This movie has made it on my favorites list of independent films. Based on a true story, this is how it goes: Bronson gets sent to prison for seven years for a armed robbery. His mother calls from the courtroom “You’ll be out in three.” He serves 34 years (as of 2009), 30 of which are spent in solitary confinement, and is still serving his life sentence to this day. How does he manage this? He has the habit of taking hostages in the prison, stripping naked and covering himself with grease just so he can brawl with prison guards and he enjoys doing it.

Plot wise, there is no plot. This movie is the storytelling of a real man who really did these things.

As I watched the movie I can’t help but be absorbed in Charles Bronson character and personality. The audience gains sympathetic connection with this mad man as they watch him being copped up in a tiny cell, being rejected by the woman he loves, and having his art be ignored. We start to understand why he fights. Its like if you ever wanted to punch someone in the face for cutting in line but don’t? Well Bronson would pummel said person before drawing a smiley face on their forehead and holding out peace signs at police. Then he would fight the cops as they were trying to force in into handcuffs or sedate him.       This movie unintentionally makes you think about the function of our prison systems and of their methods of dealing with prisoners. After-all, Charles Bronson is facing a life sentence but has never killed anyone.  Bronson in this film actually says that he enjoyed prison and compares it to a hotel room that helps him “hone” his skills as a fighter. What? Prisons actually encouraging violent behavior? Why I’d Never!

Please don’t let your 12 year old son see this movie. Its rated R and when I say rated R I actually mean you get to see Tom Hardy’s manly uncensored package about every 10 minutes. As an artist this movies nudity pleases me because for once in hollywood’s life, nudity didn’t equal sexual targeting to the audience. It shows man is his barest form (literally) and delivers the perfect idea of what a human really is: flawed with strong emotion and surrounded by a system that holds them back.  This is a movie that everyone should see.

Bronson Movie Trailer


Jurassic World Movie Review

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  • 1

Jurassic World Movie Review

  • IMDB: 7.1
  • Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins
  • Rated: PG-13 (V, SF)
  • Genre:  Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi
  • Running Time: 2hr 4min

Jurassic World Movie Review (Released 2015)

Jurassic World become a blockbuster hit, out ranking Avengers by 30 million dollars in its box office debut. But what made this movie such a hit? Probably the loyal fans who remember the 1993 Jurassic Park movie and were eager to re-live the adventure of discovering the beauty and horrors the Jurassic franchise has to offer. Plus what child doesn’t like to watch realistic dinosaurs in action?

The movie was a pleasure to watch, don’t get me wrong, but I found the plot a little too premature, as if it was made in 1993 instead of 2015. The plot retains the same flow previous films with: human makes dinosaur park, most vicious dinosaur escapes cage, and humans run for survival. Also the characters in the movie are not as emotionally connected with the audience as in Jurassic Park. The older Michell child was far too aloof about the environment around him. It was his first visit to Jurassic World yet the writers felt to need to make him “too cool” for such activities. Dinosaurs are cool no matter what your age and this is the age where stereotypes are losing their hold in the film industry. Finally, the end of Indominus Rex fell short of climatic. Mosasaurus should have been cut from the ending and the T- Rex should have kill Indominus and be Jurassic hero once again as done in Jurassic Park. The ending they chose seemed too convenient and didn’t respect the power of the dinosaurs shown in previous films. I did, however, love the relationship between Owen and Claire and the contrast between the polished life of human nature vs the ruggedness of wild nature. The movie does good to repeat the mistakes of the past and underestimate what the forces of nature can do along with what havoc can be born when man tries to take control over nature.

Despite the shaky plot and characters the movie itself depicted the future of the Jurassic franchise beautifully. The life like dinosaurs brought me back to when I use to want to be a velociraptor as a kid and I’m sure the new generation of children enjoyed the movie more then any of their parents could. Especially with Chris Pratt’s recent appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, I did hear a little girl say to her mom that Star Lord was going to ride a T-Rex.

I also noticed something small in the movie that apparently had an impact on the mental health community. Gray Mitchell throughout the film shows symptoms of autism yet the movie doesn’t officially announce that he has autism. In fact the developers stated they were going to make the character autistic but change their minds saying he would just be “odd”. Jurassic World did have an autistic audience and those who found out this information definitely felt the mental illness stigma. There is no reason why the movie couldn’t have raised awareness of those who are autistic and show how wonderful people with autism can be.

Though weaponized dinosaurs used for war seems outstretched, I believe the term Jurassic “World” is a foreshadowing of what is next to come in Jurassic World 2.

Jurassic World Movie Trailer